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How to disable the new persistent FitBit Sync notification (Android)

If you’re one of the many that own a FitBit you have probably noticed your Android app has recently updated.


A result of this update is this notification that you can’t dismiss in the usual way:

I’m sure FitBit have done this with the best intentions at heart but it can be very annoying to android users. In fact many find these persistent notifications quite obtrusive.

Here’s how to turn it off….

  1. Open your FitBit app
  2. Tap the account picture in the top right corner
  3. Tap on your device in the device list
  4. Scroll right down to the bottom
  5. Disable Keep-Alive Widget (See below)

That’s it! The notification will be removed.

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  1. It’s very simple and easy method. Using this blog, i can easily solve my doubt on disable notification on fitbit belt. Thanks for sharing this information!

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