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How to reset the Anti-Flood Device on your Electrolux Dishwasher

Have you ever had that heart-sinking feeling when an appliance makes a noise you’ve never heard before? An alarm sounds and all you can think of is how much it’s going to cost you to call an engineer out to fix it. This happened to me a couple of evenings ago. I have an Electrolux integrated dishwasher, model ESL 4200LO. It’s only just out of warranty, typical!

I checked the machine out and found that the empty pump was running constantly, even when I opened the door, usually everything stops at this point, but it didn’t. The alarm was beeping 3 times intermittently along with a flashing “end of cycle” LED. The only way I could get everything to stop was to turn off the power, not the ideal situation.

I checked the manual to see what the alarm meant and it turns out that the Anti-Flood device had been activated. This activates if the machine detects a leak, handy to know that your kitchen won’t be flooded if something goes wrong.

So how to fix it? With the help off Google and some common sense I managed to do it and it was surprisingly easy. Why am I writing this post if it’s easy and you can find the information online? I found the information from lots of sources, there was no one site that told me the full story and definitely none with pictures.

Please make sure the power is switched off for this method, we don’t want any accidents.

Here goes…

1 – Remove the kickback (this is the narrow piece of wood found below your cupboard doors that hides the area under the kitchen cupboards).

2 – Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the lower cover in place on the base of your dishwasher. It’s a little awkward but doable.

3 – You should now be able to see into the lower part of your dishwasher. If you have a torch or a phone with an LED flashlight this will help. You will be able to see into the “reservoir” and hopefully be able to see the water. Here’s a picture of what mine looked like:

Dishwasher anti flood device
Reservoir filled with dirty water, polystyrene switch in the background

You can see the water and also towards the back you can see the anti-flood device activation switch. It’s the white polystyrene float that’s in the water. This is what has floated in the water and activated the empty pump.

4 – Get a small sponge or cloth and empty the water from the reservoir into a bucket. This may take some time as you can only do a little bit at a time but it will work.

5 – Once all the water has been removed the polystyrene switch should be fully down. If not gently pull it down so it sits on the plastic base. Here’s how it should look:

6 – Now reattach the cover with the screws and replace the kickback.

Your dishwasher should now work as normal. If not then you’ll unfortunately have to contact an engineer to fix the issue.

I fixed mine last night so I am hoping it’s either a one off job or something I have to do yearly. If it’s something I have to do any more often than every quarter then I think I have a proper leak.

Please note, this way worked for me. I can’t accept any responsibility it doesn’t work for you or if your dishwasher is broken as a result. This is done so at your own risk.

Let me know how you got on, feel free to comment as I always reply.

Good luck with the fix!


  1. Don’t want to speak too soon…but this seems to have soved the problem 🤞…for now at least! Dishwasher is 2 months out of warranty 🤦‍♀️ and water leaking from the bottom all over the floor. Followed instructions, turned back on and cycle is running with no water on the outside! Will be keeping a close eye on it though. Thanks!!

    • This tutorial saved my Easter day, and my dishwasher. It was a very good present for me! Thank you very much. Best tutorial used by me in a long period of time.

  2. You are an absolute star! You have saved the day! Worked perfectly! I’m so happy you posted this! Thanks so much!!

  3. Mark – people like you who take the time to share things like this are the reason the internet is an incredible thing – thank you so much!

  4. My dishwasher threw this error up tonight, an Electrolux too. Followed this and it worked perfectly

  5. Thanks for your clear explanation there was water grease in mine also cleared it with towel and some small sponges and did a hottest test run and it seems all fine.
    Ik have the ikea enastaende type 911D2163A2

    Greeting from the netherlands

  6. Thanks Mark – this really helped and fix the issue. I am noticing something new after this fix – when cycle starts, I can literally hear sound of water splashing inside the dishwasher, which was not the case before this issue. Did you or anyone notice such issue – is there a fix to it? There is not water leakage or any such thing, but splashing noise is reasonably high.

  7. Mark, you are a hero. Followed these easy instructions and no more beeping or gurgling! We’ve had the dishwasher 5 years so I assume it’s just an accumulation of small drips over the years. This hunch is backed up by the amount of disgusting mould we cleaned out of the drip tray, suggesting this was a steady build-up not a recent deluge!

  8. Hi Mark, thanks, this worked great (no more beeping), but during the first run after this fix, water gushed out of a round opening at the bottom/back/right side of the machine. The drain hose is attached securely & in place at the back of the machine, so not sure what this opening on the bottom is for and why there is water coming out of it now. Any ideas?

    I am worried i may have knocked something loose while cleaning under the machine, but cannot be sure.


  9. Hi Mark, and thanks for doing this. I don’t know if you’re able to help, but, although I managed to remove the screws, I couldn’t remove the lower panel to access the ‘reservoir’. Any thoughts anyone?

  10. Thank you so much for this post, I was able to fix the problem with your clear instructions!

  11. Worked on my ESL 43500. Put “electrolux washing machine sucking noise” into a google machine and yours was the first thing I clicked on. Whole job done in 30 min. Only a miniscule amount of water down there, the tiny float on my model is on a hair trigger.

  12. Bonza mate, your a legend. Thought I was up for couple of hundred $ repair bill. Will keep an eye on it as you suggest.
    I am thinking running a good machine cleaner through it might not hurt either. Will clean out all the valves etc.

  13. Mark! Thanks a million. My husband and I just moved into a new rental apartment and we were gifted this dishwasher and it immediately flashed the warning code 30. You’re instructions were so nicely written and the machine is running! Thank you thank you thank you

  14. Thank you so much it worked a treat, it saved us a lot of money, the hardest part was keeping the cat away ????????

  15. Hi Mark, this is brilliant thanks for the advice. My only issue is that I can’t get the polystyrene thing to touch the base. Any tips at all?

  16. You saved me just now at 3am! Dishwasher was beeping like crazy and rumbling.
    Did like you said and voila!

    Thank you so much

  17. Grateful thanks, Mark.
    Along with all the other testimonials you have received, our machine (Neue – which I think is re-branded Electrolux) had the same problem as you described and following your instructions was fixed in the same way.
    I’ve obviously kept the instructions until they are needed again and I’ve forgotten what I did.

    Thanks once again.

  18. Really useful instructions thanks. I tried this today and my tray was bone dry inside?!?

    My pump was spinning and wouldn’t stop still, so I tried the reset method that our mains security light has, which is flicking the main wall power switch for the dishwasher off and on several times quickly.

    So far, it seems to have reset the dishwasher and it’s just completing a quick rinse without problems. It must have had a blockage or something and just needed a reset.

    Maybe this will help others too.

  19. Yay – that fixed my problem, dishwasher functioning again now and very straight forward to do a well

  20. Thank you Mark
    I have fixed my AEG.
    I have found the water, emptied it with a cloth and i30 disappeared.

    God bless you and take care in this serious times

  21. Thanks Mark your advice was spot on. My machine is 5 yrs old and while I live in Italy my language skills are crap so this saved me struggling to explain the problem to a ‘technico’ and a lot of time. Cheers.

  22. Thanks a lot for this! Solved my problem as well.

    I have an Indesit DIF 14. I was cleaning it yesterday and found some sand inside the drain sump, so I wanted to take out the sump to remove it. There are some screws inside the machine on the floor that I removed. Couldn’t take it out, so I just screwed it back in. My mistake: I forgot to retighten one of the screws.

    So after having removed the water from the overflow container and trying again, I saw the water running from the top of the drain sump into the overflow container again. Retightened the screws and now it’s fixed!

    Note for those following your instructions:
    The service flap in the front of the machine has two screws. Remove them. Then there is two clips on the left and right. To open them it was easiest for me to use long nose pliers to first pull the clips towards the center of the machine and then pulling the flap by the clip. There is some black rubber stuff above the flap that might block it. So while pulling with the pliers, push that black stuff upwards.

    Removing the water:
    the overflow sensor is on the front-right and just above the overflow basin. When taking out the water, you’d have to carry it over the central electronics. I’d recommend to remove the electronic unit before removing the water so you don’t make it wet.

  23. Hi Mark. Just to let you know your method worked great for my Ikea RENODLAD dishwasher. I had to take off the front panel first (easy – just two screws) so I could get to the 4 screws holding the cover. One full roll of paper towel later, the i30 message is gone. Many thanks for the great tip.

  24. Thanks so much for your brilliantly useful instructions and images. You saved us a callout fee and possibly days of waiting. You’re a bit of a hero round here tonight.

  25. Amazing! We live in Australia and we had this issue! After googling and finding your post about this I fixed this myself (husband was amazed when he got home as he had called a technician to come out next week and fix it at a price of $800!) winner winner!! Thanks so much!! ??

  26. Hi Mark!

    I just want to thank you for your detailed description, it has fixed our dishwasher – exactly the same type, exactly the same problem.

    God bless you, greetings from Dunaharaszti, Hungary.

  27. Huge thanks, after using cleaning tabs I found much foam on a floor and beeping machine, but this instruction and half an hour did a little miracle:)

  28. Mark,

    Thank you so much for this fix!!! Very detailed and easy to follow.
    You are a legend and have saved us in engineer callout.

  29. Man, you totally saved us. Its saturday night and getting more and more monday-e, nothing pleasant?. To this situation, dishwasher started weirdly cracking and acting like its turned on but it wasnt. Then the 3x beeping. Nightmare. We fixed it just because of you. 10 min and it is done. Thank you very, very much.

  30. Fix my issue with Ikea LAGAN dishwasher! Thank you so much for a detailed post and PICTURES – they helped understanding what is what.

  31. Mine doesn’t seem to have any water when removing the front panel (bone dry) however the polystyrene is not flush to the bottom… any ideas? Or do you think my problem is likely to be unrelated? ?

  32. Mark. Thanks for your brilliant advice. Can’t believe it. We’ve had this problem for 6 months and I was about to spend £400 on a new dishwasher. Just followed your advice and we’re back in business.thanks again.

  33. Does anyone understand , that the water on the floor of the washing mashine is from itself , and point to problem with leak ? Or everyone is ready to disassembly the unit , every 2-3 washing cycles ?

  34. Thanks for this! Easy to follow and seems to have done the trick. I took about 500ml from the tray under the sensor. Only add is mind the very sharp edges of the removed front panel when you are lying on the floor struggling to get to the screws with an integrated machine!

  35. Cheers fella, worked a treat, seems to have happened to a lot of people, is there a generic leak in all dishwashers then?
    Mine is 2 years old and I bought it from IKEA (SKINANDE).
    Thanks again for posting this invaluable info.

  36. Another in the long line of appreciative comments Mark. Absolutely did the trick and saved my bacon from another uncomfortable discussion with my partner (have you still not fixed that dishwasher? ?). Big thank you Mark, great that you shared this fix.

  37. A massive thank you to ya Mark, great step by step with pics. Manual said call a pro for the Anti flood device alarm. Much respect. Cheers. Cathal

  38. Since this is great site, I will add my observation. We have electrolux esi 68070 xr, and when I removed the cover, the “reservoir” was dry, there was only some honey like lubricant visible. So I filled the dishwasher with water and let it run to see what is going on and after a while I see water dripping from the hose that connects to the water pump.

    So I believe the “reservoir” will get filled with water and trigger the sensor. I will update the results here later.

    By the way, do anybody else have the waterpump tilted and hang in the air?

  39. Still saving the world one dishwasher at a time…. Super Mark!
    Thank you for posting and helping us get our back up and running again ?

  40. Thank you! It worked ? I first tried tilting the machine to get the water out as most websites instruct, but since it was an integrated machine, it took a lot of time and I wasn’t able to tilt it enough. Your method was much more appropriate.

  41. Absolute perfect solution. BUT I had to take it further. There is a transparent flexible pipe (about 12 mm external diameter) linking the pump to some other part. One of its ends was unplugged. So, if it still does not work after taking the water out, check on this, as well 😉 Putting it back in place takes exactly 2 min and only some flat nose pliers (you all have it at home!).

  42. Hi Mark . Have AEG similar issue . Emptied tray as described . Its working, but with very bad leak. At least over Easter Break could use dishwasher before calling “Authorised Service Centre” Relied over Brand ,price and at the end all the same – Rippers . Thank You for your post and advise

  43. Thank you so much for this! It’s worked for me and saved me calling someone out. Life saver!

  44. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this. Saved us time and money as it worked like a charm. Thanks again ?

  45. Mark, Thank you very much. You saved me from calling a agent. Just followed your instruction and dishwasher is working without any triple blink and sound.

  46. I every usually comment either but this deserves one! You are amazing! Thanks so much for saving us calling someone out! Thankyou!!!

  47. Mark, you are an absolute legend! I don’t normally comment on these sorts of things but you’ve nailed this one son. I am now Super Mario in the eyes of my wife, thank you! ?

  48. Mark you are a diamond…..thank you!! If anybody is reading this follow the instructions and all will be well in your world. Thank the Lord for Mark

  49. Mark,

    Probably this is the very first time I’d like to thank for something on the internet.
    Your instructions and pictures are perfect & easy to understand.
    So mate, thank you very much – you saved me 50 € and one week by not calling someone to fix it. Moreover -just between us- my wife thinks I’m a kind of superhero ?

    Again, thanks.

  50. Hi Mark

    I flooded my dishwasher last week and thought it was hilarious seeing a kitchen full of soap bubbles until, after cleaning, I kept getting an error code. Thankfully I found this blog post via Google and managed to sort it out within half an hour. I had been panicking I was going to have a to call out an engineer so I am very relieved – cheers mate!

  51. Hi Ive just followed your advice and it seems to be working ok, Thanks. Not sure where the water is coming from though. Can you tell me please what are the two flexible pipes for just in front and above the water reservoir and should one end be open ?

    • Hi David, unfortunately I’m not an engineer. I just had a go and wrote about what worked for me. I hope you get it sorted!

  52. Thanks, did this a while ago but used this post for reference to do so again, and it’s working again now.

    Last time the ‘flooding’ was caused by the waste pipe not being efficiently placed, so waste water from the sink was going back into the dishwasher.

    I rearranged the pipe so it would need to go against gravity to do that again, and it’s been working for months. Last night I got the dreaded 3 beeps again, so soaked up all the water and back to normal. Just need to check it in a few days to see if there’s anything else causing the leak this time.


    • Sadly it’s doing the beeping again, so something is leaking. I’ve yet to figure out what, so I’m still stuck with doing the washing up for now 🙁

  53. Thanks for writing about this. I followed the procedure and noticed water dripping from the transparent water assembly to the left of the machine during a wash cycle. This kept tripping the anti-flood alarm. I resorted to removing the external left hand panel of the machine and located the leak. It was eminating from the ‘Small PCB Cup container’ (see this link: This is held in place by an internal fixing which is located on the inside (wash area) of the machine. I believe it’s called a vapour outlet. It was actually this part that was loose. After significant tightening the machine now appears to be watertight. I would strongly suggest that if you have a similar leak in your machine you should tighten this part first as it will save you hours of dismantling your machine. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this fixed the issue.

  54. Brilliant thank you very much indeed. One happy wife and some brownie points in the bag and no call out charge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  55. Thank you very much for your post! It was 10 minutes work, despite call to engineer and wait who know how many days!

  56. Great piece of advice, really. We actually had a jam (water not leaving quickly enough), but i was able to fix that (but that’s probably the reason why the water got in the wrong place in the first place). After fixing the jam the machine (Electrolux ESL4575RO) didn’t start, it only beeped and pumped and flahed its red light as insane. I was already about to give a call to the engineer, but then i found your post (with great pictures!). I gave it a second thought and came to a conclusion i should try this at home before the call. And you know what, it worked!

    If you had a Paypal button on this page, you would have been a rich man by now! ?

  57. Great stuff, thanks! It was a 15min fix & saved my a lot of ££ on the plumber who would do the same.

  58. Thanks Mark, managed not only to solve the dishwasher problem with your guidance but (having shamelessly passed the idea off as my own) now the girlfriend thinks I’m a mechanical genius!

    Thanks again.

  59. Thanks mark, worked for me on an ikea enastende dishwasher. One note of caution – on that model when you remove the screwed on panel at the front the tray full of water can drop, so put something under it first!

    Really appreciate you taking the time to write and share your advice:)


    Thank you, all sorted! A bit of a design flaw I would say as I’ve never experienced this with any other dishwasher but happy it’s sorted and saved me calling out an engineer along with the call out charge… Happy days!

  61. Thank you for the detailed instructions. We tried them but alas pretty much as soon as we turned the machine back on, the dreaded three beeps sounded and the tray again filled with water. Decided not to bother with an engineer and bought a replacement – but not Electrolux!

    One thing we did which may help others to speed up the removal of the water – we used a turkey baster rather than cloths/sponges/kitchen roll. This made the process quite a bit quicker although obviously it has to be an appropriate size to fit the gap.

  62. Hello. Many thanks for taking the time to write and publish this. Was woken up by the running pump and beeps in the middle of the night. Followed your instructions and had it all sorted out in no time. Used a calpol pippette to get the water out. Here’s hoping it’s another 3 years until I have to do this again!

  63. Just done it and it worked!!!! Happened just over a year ago and we called and engineer out. Won’t be doing that again! Thanks!

  64. So glad we found you! Our dishwasher (again, typically out of warranty now too) did the whole beeping / pump running thing tonight (couldn’t figure out where the beeping was coming from at first!) and had a mini panic. Luckily, my OH was the sane one, told me to google it and we came across your how to. Thank you! He’s currently just (trying with some swearing) to put the plate back on. Our kitchen is now mercifully quote and now steam free again.

  65. Hi ,I have just had the same problem and this sorted it ?,I was just wondering,in the first picture there is a bar leading from the float to the foreground which has a white piece at the end,does anyone know what this is for?Thanks

  66. Electrolux ESL6211LO with the same problem, end indicator flashing 3 times & acoustic signal sounding 3 times so followed the above instructions (found via google) & problem solved, cheers Mark ?

  67. Hi Mark, first off great piece of advice re anti flood device. Good to see lots of people where helped out by this advice. I am currently dealing with mother in laws Electrolux ESL7220 which has started out with a kinked drain hose fault then went on to the anti flood tripping. My question is about the two drain hoses that pass unwanted water into the reservoir from inside of the machine. If this is caused by excess fluid in the machine before starting then why does it not drain out the fluid used during the wash cycle. P.S. Manually tripping the flood device is also a good way of emptying the machine if you have to stop the machine mid cycle to empty it out. Just be extra careful as the machine is still live!! Keep up the good work.

  68. Worked perfectly for me. Clear and concise. This has happened before but got an engineer out as machine had an extended warranty. Saved waiting a week for a call out (hate washing dishes!!) lesson learned…… always clean out the filters. Bizarrely there were Christmas tree needles in mine. Mmmmmm…….

  69. Thank you Mark! Excellent tip. Just saved me 500 bucks on a new dishwasher! This is the third time i extend the life on this old sucker 😀

    • Oh! I should add that this was for an Electrolux ESF 45010 model, so the error code (The end of program green led flashes 3 times with appr. 3 secs intervals between while the drain pump keeps running) applies to that model too.

      BR and happy new year from Sweden.

  70. Thank you so much, this has worked a treat. I was told to put washing up liquid in dishwasher to clean it but my kitchen floor was covered in foam so won’t do that again. Thank you again and happy new year ?

  71. Brilliant – So far so good. I thought I was going to buy a new dishwasher but this seems to have solved the problem. Thank you so much!!

  72. It was all going so well but then the same error is back. The white bit would go right down. There was a gap and we didn’t want to force it although we did get rid of all the water. Any other suggestions welcome…I can’t inagine an engineer is going to come out this side of Xmas now ??‍♀️

  73. Thanks. Googled it seen it might be anti flood. Googled that. And this comes up. Worked a treat. Wasnt much water in it but none the less.

    Dishes been cleaned as I type happy days.

  74. It’s beeping three times again now and there is water back in the reservoir… I could cry!! Haha. Perhaps there is a leak? Should I call an engineer? I thought I was doing so well with your massive help.

    • Hi Kate, I have exactly the same problem. It beeps once so I turn the power off at the wall for a couple of minutes, then restart the programme. It then beeps 3 times, so I drain underneath as Mark says and restart the programme, it then works fine. I have to go through this routine every time I use the dishwasher! Mine is an Aeg Favorit 34502VIO.
      What I can’t understand is, if it was a blockage or permanent leak, why does it eventually work? It’s doing my head in

      • I know why. There is a small hole with a ball inside the filter inside the machine. This is supposed to inform the machine when it is full and ready for next step which is running the circulation pump. However, if this hole is blocked by debris, the machine will think it is not full and keeps filling and filling until it is too full, and it will drain into the base.

        You have to clean this hole.

  75. Just followed your excellent advice, it was full of dirty water… machine is now giving me a single beep and end of cycle light though (instead of the previous three beeps)….. any ideas?

    • Glad to hear it sorted one of the errors on your dishwasher!

      With regard to the single beep, if your machine is beeping once and flashing the end indicator once then it may be something to do with your water inlet. Did you turn off the water in order to fix the first problem? This is what my manual says:

      Problem and alarm code:
      The appliance does not fill with water.
      • The end indicator flashes 1 time intermittently.
      • Acoustic signal sounds 1 time intermittently.

      Possible cause and solution:
      • Make sure that the water tap is open.
      • Make sure that the pressure of the water supply is not too low. For this information, contact your local water authority.
      • Make sure that the water tap is not clogged.
      • Make sure that the filter in the inlet hose is not clogged.
      • Make sure that the inlet hose has no kinks or bends.

      Hope this helps.

  76. Thanks very much. Exactly what was wrong with mine. Would you know of the cause of this before I put on my next wash?

      • Thanks Mark. I’ll try and avoid doing that. Will put on another wash in the morning so I can keep an eye on it. Keep you and everyone posted.

  77. So, snowed in, got to get the cat to the Cattery, flying in 12 hours time and then the dishwasher went caput with the anti-flood alarm! Thanks to your great instructions our AAG is now fixed and last load of pots clean. Cheers Mark

  78. Awesome! This has happened before and had to wait for hubby to come home and mend it. Sorted it myself in no time at all. Very good instructions….tvm

  79. Thanks. Worked a treat on my neue (Electrolux by a different name). What a stupid design though. The Miele I had in my old house was much easier to do and didn’t involve takin it apart.

  80. I couldn’t believe looking at the replies how many times this problem had occurred and how many times your fix Mark has saved the day. Last night I had the same problem, dishwasher full of pots and all I could hear was a constant intermittent bleep and the panel displaying the end cycle. The thing that seemed strange was when I opened the door it didn’t stop anything and all I could hear was the drain pump constantly running. I googled as you do looking for a solution, I came across your solution, read the thread and thought ok it’s a job for the morning, isolated the dishwasher from the mains and went to bed. I am absolutely so pleased with myself after spending 30 min following your instructions this morning, substituted the cloth for a wet n dry vacuum and sucked up the water. Reset the float to lie flat and guess what 100% success.
    I couldn’t see any leaks or probably understand where the water came from in the first place but I had fixed it and still have my Sunday to myself.
    Thanks again Mark, perfect set of instructions

    • Everyone, this happens because the machine doesn’t know when it is full. There is a small hole that is supposed to tell the machine when it is full with water and to start the circulation pump. However, this small hole csn get clogged and then the machine keeps filling and filling until it fills too much.

      To fix, remove the filter in the washer and look for a small hole with a plastic ball inside. Clean this hole, it might be food or something blocking it.

  81. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I’ve just done this as I’d googled the product manual and it told me it was the anti flood device but says call an engineer!!! Keep on googling and I found your advice, just done it and it worked!! Thanks for saving me no doubt a fortune in engineer fees!! ?

  82. You are a legend. Perfect fix for my dishwasher. Reading the manual there was no apparent fix for the 3 beeps!!! Your instructions were spot on. Thanks pal

  83. Thank you very much, it helped a bunch.

    The problem wasn’t the fact it was filled, but the problem was a hose which was unconnected.
    Basically pouring water into the dishwasher I discovered all of it was running directly to the resevoir, nearby the hole was an hose with clamp attached in the end, simply reattached the pipe, cleaned the resevoir and reconnected the dishwasher.

  84. Hi Mark found your thread on another site (how to mend it). Thank you so much for your helpful advice, just putting it on a 70 wash now so fingers crossed ?

  85. Thankyou sooo much Mark- followed your instructions and it’s worked!!! No payouts!!!! You’ve made me very happy!!! (No more washing dishes!!!)

  86. Mark – thanks you so much for doing this. We had the same problem and thanks to you have fixed it without any cost. You’re an absolute star. Best wishes Emma

  87. Hi from sunny Scotland

    Our dishwasher failed last night in the exact way you described and your fix worked perfectly today. So pleased at not having to call out an engineer. You’re a star – many thanks David

  88. Hi,

    This helped me too.

    Great photos that really helped.

    Once the water was removed from the drip tray the Micro switch float fell down flush back onto the drip tray. Just a little addition maybe its an idea to run the machine and observe if there are any leaks in the pipes and hoses with the metal cover removed.. In my case it was a blocked filter causing the water to run through the overflow into the drip tray.

    Ps. Always rinse off before putting shepard’s pie dishes in the dishwasher. Lol

  89. I can think of better things to do on a Saturday night, but Thank You very much for your advice, I followed your instructions and it’s worked, and mine too is 1 month out of the 2 year warranty. Have never had this problem with with a BOSCH.

  90. Your are an absolute star – thinking we needed a new dishwasher. Done exactly what you said and my husband is amazed I have repaired it with your help. Much appreciated

    • I’m really glad it worked for you! I’ve had to do it once or twice over the last 6 months, but certainly cheaper than a new dishwasher haha

    • We have that model, but when we take the panel off it looks absolutely nothing like the picture, and can’t work out where this reservoir is meant to be that we need to dry out. Driving me insane as it seems to have worked find for everyone else. Spent ages staring at the underneath bit with the front panel off, it all looks fine, the only place i can see any kind of “float” is on the left side next to the salt reservoir, but it’s only maybe 1cm wide and no obvious way of doing anything to it ?

  91. Just for reference, I had the exact same problem with my ESL5310lo dishwasher. Followed the same steps, remove the lower front plate, clean the tray of water using kitchen towels, and the machine was back in operating condition. Then ran the machine without front plate on the maximum temperature setting, to see if anything leaked. Everything stayed dry, the water must’ve accumulated over a longer period.

    Note for others: the front plate does give some structural stability to the machine (keeping the bottom plastic plate in shape), so it’s not wise to leave it off for too long, but it’s apparently OK to run just one program with the plate removed, to be able to verify there are no structural leaks in any of the equipment.

    • I agree, however, I also think it’s caused by pouring liquids into the machine as it’s being filled before running a cycle. Plus the accumulated liquids over time build up and it drips below. I may be wrong though haha

  92. I followed your steps and had the same thing,I cleaned the water it stopped the sound and when I started the dishwasher,water was leaking after a while from the two plastic black tubes above the float device…I’ll have to find the technician to fix it.It is something from inside.but well done and thank you for the info,you are the only one who found how to stop the alarm.

  93. Thank you so much – this advice worked like a dream! Money is so tight and this dishwasher issue had added to my worries.

    • I’m so glad it worked for you too! I know exactly what you mean, when you hear beeps like that all you can think is how much is it going to cost. Fingers crossed it’ll be a while yet before you need a new dishwasher 🙂

      • Hi Mark 21/8/2018. same problem just happened when we got the extended family staying. Read your blog and Hey Presto , all working good .
        Thanks for taking the time to post this fix
        Parkgate (that’s north) Wirral

  94. Thank you for this manual! Do you happen to know what is the white screw in front? Isn’t it a drain? It is accessible without removing the metal cover, and I can easily catch the water into an old towel…

    • This screw is to adjust the back positioning leg that the dishwasher stands on, it’s not to drain water.

  95. What is the white plastic screw in front? Wouldn’t that open a drain of the water? It is accessible even without removing the metal cover. I could easily catch the water into an old towel then…

    • This screw is to adjust the back positioning leg that the dishwasher stands on, it’s not to drain water.

  96. Mark you’re a star. Not sure why it did it but it is under warranty so I’ll get the buggers to replace it if it keeps happening
    Happy :-)))))

  97. Wow! Just followed the instructions posted here after the dreaded beeping last night and this am and it appears to be fixed. Always wondered if I would ever find a use for those old Disney towels.
    Thanks very much!

  98. Spot on worked a treat very simple fix took about 15mins soaking up water with sponges and kitchen towel and resetting float. Waited through cycle after switching back on no further water leak.

  99. Evening!

    Thank you! I live just down the road in Farnborough and my Electrolux dishwasher broke on Saturday exactly the same thing, followed your instructions and hey presto working again. Ironically mine was 1 month out of the the 2 year warranty.
    Great detailed instructions, same as you i’m waiting to see if its a proper leak.
    just the boiler now but that wont be a diy job!
    Thanks again


    • Hey Huw, I’m really pleased to hear it worked for someone else! Mine was 1 month out of warranty too, typical or what! Fingers crossed if we have to do it again that it’s a good long way away haha. Good luck with your boiler! M

      • Hi Mark.. Many thanks for this. I was buying a new dishwasher because os this.. You save me. Know i notice that the door is leaking/dropping water. Maybe the seal rubber around the door is off.. Hopefully I will find another post on how to fix it. Many thanks once again.

    • Guys, thanks a lot for all the explanations; it lead me to try a faster ans simpler fix for that very same issue ! If the floater is floating while there’s no water and the pump is running empty, then the floater is stuck somewhere and I’m gonna try to push it up to make it go down. So I emptied a large bucket of water in the dishwasher until it starts spilling, then closed the door 3/4 and added some more water…then I closed it, ready to go on ECO cycle…and thanks Archimede, it worked.

      • May 29 2019, it started to beep again. This time I applied the solution proposed by Mark and it started working again.
        5 screws, a bit of water on the floor…15 minutes all done

    • Hi Mark, This is great info. Thanks for putting it up. My only dilemma is that I have cleared the water just can’t get the polystyrene thing to touch the base. Any tips?

    • I did precisely the same and my dishwasher is now working perfectly. The only reason I can think of for water entering the base of the dishwasher in the first place is when the sink has been used and drained, the draining water has managed to find its way down the d/w drain hose and caused it to flood. I’ve now repositioned the d/w drain hose and, fingers crossed, solved the problem. Thank you MJR.

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