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Mastodon, a welcoming community.

How to sign up to Mastodon

So, you have decided to jump ship? I don’t blame you, it’s getting a little wild over on Twitter.

Whether you feel your data is at risk, you object to how the site is being run, or you just want to see what all the fuss is about, now is the time to have a go.

Why not consider signing up to Mastodon? It has been around for a while now, longer than you might think. It has come on a long way in the last couple of years with many new features being added, and now with the influx of new accounts being set up we are already seeing the developers respond with more and more updates to the site itself, the mobile apps and in the background to make the user experience all the more exciting.

What kind of place is it?

You’re probably thinking what other people think of Mastodon. Well, I have had an account on, Mastodon’s original instance (server) since October 2018, you can find me here: I think it’s a very welcoming platform for everyone. I certainly felt accepted when I signed up. Other people would help me out if I was stuck on something and I never felt like I was an inconvenience, after all if you’re willing to learn about something new then on Mastodon you will definitely find someone willing to tell you how. It has a really nice community feel to it.

Mastodon, a welcoming community.
Mastodon, a welcoming community.

How do I sign up?

So, you may be thinking how do I do it? How do you get involved? Well, this post will guide you through how to sign up to Mastodon. Be warned though, it will take a little consideration on your part. At the end of the day part of the reason why you’re interested in checking Mastodon out is probably the fact that it is a decentralised network. It’s not just one site you go to and sign up, Mastodon is made up of thousands of instances/servers, over 7500 in fact, which all connect to make one big network and you can choose any to sign up to, as long as they are accepting new sign ups of course!

Finding an Instance

There are many types of instances to sign up to on Mastodon, many are based on:

  • Country or Region
  • Specific Interests or Hobbies
  • Likeminded People
  • General
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Activism
  • LGBTQ+
  • General
  • Music and Arts
  • Food

This is just to name a few, there are so many more. Each instance is like it’s own mini network which then connects to all the other mini networks to make up what Mastodon is today, it may take you some time to get your head around it but, believe me, it’s worth it in the end. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sign up to multiple instances if you have multiple interests, you will be able to connect with other servers and follow people and make lists based on all of your interests!

Here are some handy tools that may help you decide which Mastodon instance to choose to sign up to:

When searching, make sure to check out the instance code of conduct, or rules. As each instance is run by different people and for different topics there will be varying rules you have to agree to and follow. Some common rules are:

  • Be kind to one another
  • No discriminatory behaviour
  • No threatening behaviour, stalking or doxxing
  • No harassment
  • No Nazis
  • No illegal content
  • No explicit (NSFW) content without using content warning marker and explicit label

These rules are just a few examples, but they are there to protect you and others on the social network.

Step by step Guide

Once you have found your perfect instance it’s time to sign up!

1. Head to your instance and click on ‘Create account’:

Mastodon Create account button

2. Accept the instance’s rules:

Example of a Mastodon Instances rules you will nee to accept when creating an account.

3. Next, complete the sign up form:

The form you will need to complete in order to create an account
  • Display name – This is not your username, it is the name you would like to be known by but not found by. I just used my first name here.
  • Username – This is the name that identifies you on Mastodon and it will form part of your full username in the format: It can’t be changed so have a think about this one.

The other fields, email and password are self explanatory.

4. Next, if you have joined an instance that requires you to apply for an account you will need to give a brief message saying why you want to join that instance. This will help the admin team review your account.

5. After you have completed the form, read and tick to accept the privacy policy and click ‘SIGN UP’.

And there you have it, you have successfully signed up to Mastodon and the wonders of the fediverse await you! If you are waiting for admin approval for your application, you will receive an email from them when they have reviewed you.

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to give me a follow:

How did you get one? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy tooting!

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